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About the book covers

All three covers were designed as a connected series by Jeanie Mellersh. Jeanie writes:   “I chose a house style for the three connected World War I books that were writted by my father-in- law. I wanted the covers to be capable of reduction to a very small size for presentation in the Kindle and other e-book stores. I used the splashed blood against a dark background to show the dark and gory aspects of war. I used a different coloured background for each book. The lettering is large and the word “War” stands out to indicate the subject matter. There is an oval cartouch that contains a different picture for each book.

For the novel, I used a silhouette of a soldier climbing out of a trench. I drew this based on photographs from the time. The image for the autobiography was based on a photograph of my father-in-law taken when he had just received his commision in 1916. His hands are resting on a sword which he had borrowed for the photograph. For “Poet into War”, a biography of Siegfried Sassoon, I painted a simulated portrait based on photographs of Sassoon. As a joke I signed the picture with the name of my Grandmother who lived at Bootle during the war which is close to Litherland where Sassoon was based and where he made his famous anti-war protest.

The covers were designed to work in both black and white and colour. All covers were digitally painted using Corel Painter.”
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