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Just Flutes 


Illustrated Fluteplaying by Robin Soldan and Jeanie Mellersh
This book will help you play the flute better or learn the flute faster whether you are a beginner or a top player.

And now as an e-book you can carry it round in your pocket and buy it for  a bargain price from anywhere in the world.

If your a beginner you'll learn how to hold the flute, how to position your body, how to start the embouchure and you'll get it correct from the very beginning. If you're an expert you can learn more about how to master breathing and vibrato, how to vary the dynamics and much more. It has all been brilliantly analysed and described by Britain's best teacher. No wonder Sir James Galway, Atarah Ben-Tovim and lots of other top players and teachers rave about it. In the words of James Galway "It is a manual no one who is serious about the flute should be without."

Hundreds of beautiful illustrations and crystal clear authoritative text make this a book that you will love.


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