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Image of the ebook cover
This is the cover of the ebook, specially designed to be legible at a very small size.
Coming very soon
Illustrated Fluteplaying e-book edition

Coming very soon the classic "best way to play the flute" manual will be available for your phone, tablet or your e-book reader.  We are testing it now - August 2016. Wonderful for teachers as you can keep it in your pocket or briefcase and handy for students too.  Since it was first published over 25 years ago the book has been hailed as the best.  "This book is wonderful" said James Galway.  "It is my flute bible" said Atarah Ben Tovim.  This will be available in autumn 2016 from Just Flutes.

Read about the printed version of the book here http://illustrated-fluteplaying.com/
Above is a video of the two authors, Robin Soldan and Jeanie Mellersh, talking together about the history of the book and its future as an ebook.
Below are a few sample pages from the book.
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